Aramex Vacancies 2022 – Zone Controller

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Key Responsibilities
 On time collections by your couriers
 Recheck the sorting of the teams shipments
 Check that all needed materials are available in the couriers bins and/or baskets,
including stickers; door knobs; flyers, vouchers and bags; declaration letters; window
envelopes; airway bills (Express, Domestic)
 Hand all shipments, corresponding run-sheets and scanners to the ground couriers in
the team
 Ensure couriers leave the station on time
 Leave after the last ground courier (of his team) leaves the station
 Provide feedback on route and load distributions to help the ground operations
supervisor update the route on the system
 Decide on the skeleton staff
 Arrange couriers vacations in coordination with the ground operations supervisor
 Meeting of service levels on delivery side
 All relevant documentation and the speedy follow up of outstanding documentation
such as POD’s, invoices, delivery and collection sheets, vehicle checklist etc.
 Follow up of all outstanding queries
 Security of cargo, personnel and vehicles
 Auto-generate collection sheets for the relevant courier(s) and confirm collections
allocated on the relevant sheets. Collections to be rescheduled if not for the collection
sheet it was allocated to and then allocated to the correct collection sheet.
 Debrief of all outstanding collection sheets as per procedure.
 Check on daily collections
 Follow up immediately on any problems that may cause a problem when collections
must be done, e.g. staff shortage, equipment, and size of vehicle. (Route Management)
 Communication with Senior Supervisor / Account Manager on any problems
 Confirmation report to be done prior to couriers returning back to base (Roll Call)
 Quality control of all incoming cargo, check w/bills for dims, client details, account
numbers, special instructions etc.
 Scanning in of collections as per procedure (Scan per line, check delivery address for
branch collections)
 Report on collection stats daily to Senior Supervisor.
 Ensure that service levels have been met and deliveries have arrived on time. A special
instruction overrides any service marked on a waybill.
 Notify the Senior Supervisor of any late deliveries and reason for such delivery
 Check to ensure that all Pods’ are received back and correspond with run-sheet.
 Any cargo not delivered to be scanned back into base and the Senior Supervisor advised
of this and reason why a delivery was not made.
 Report any damages and endorsements of w/bills to the Senior Supervisor.
 Debrief of delivery sheets as per procedure.
 Check on cleanliness of vehicles, inside and out.
 Vehicle checklist to be completed daily by couriers and then checked by the supervisor
and then handed to Sean (Fleet Controller)
 Check for any Pod’s, run sheets or other documentation left in the vehicle
 Ensure that all accidents are reported, ensure accident report completed
 Ensure daily that all two-way radios are in good working order
 Ensure that vehicle is equipped with the correct tools. E.g. w/bills, multiple stickers etc.
 Monitor timekeeping of staff and take the correct disciplinary action where required,
with due haste after investigation.
 Monitor the personal appearance of your staff and take action when required
 All documentation relating to leave, sick-notes etc. to be completed daily and handed to
the Senior Supervisor.
 Assisting the Senior Supervisor in quarterly performance appraisals.
 Seeking ways to assist the staff member in his/her personal problems.
 Counseling of staff members when required.
 Ensure that all staff is well equipped to perform the duties and tasks required.
 Responsible for the safety of their couriers and vehicles
 Ensure that any vehicle departing base has a communication tool e.g. radio/cell.
 Ensuring that all cargo dispatched is accounted for and are scanned out.
 Ensure that your vehicles all have pad-locks where required.
 Notify the Senior Supervisor of any big, high value, or dangerous routes that needs to be
covered by extra security.
 Not leaving the base at night until all vehicles and staff are accounted for.
 Responsible for the following areas: Shortages; Damaged consignments; Problem
deliveries / missed collections; Bad addresses & Missing documentation


Minimum Requirements
 Matric (Grade 12) or similar qualification and/or experience
 Minimum of a valid Code 08 Driver’s license. Valid Code 10 Driver’s license and a valid
Public Driver’s Permit (PDP) will be advantageous.
 3 years’ experience as a ground courier
 MS Office applications (Word, Excel, & Outlook)
 Must have at least 1-years’ experience in the Logistics Industry
 Local knowledge of areas and neighbourhood
 Computer proficiency

 Communication – Written & Verbal
 Planning, organising and time
 Problem solving
 Interpersonal abilities

 Communication (Verbal & Written)
 Planning & Organising
 Teamwork
 Leading others
 Problem analysis
 Decision making

Company Overview:

Since our founding in 1982 we have grown to become a world leader in comprehensive transport and delivery solutions for business and consumers. Headquartered in Dubai, at the heart of the world’s most dynamic commercial hub and on the site of historic trade routes linking east and west, commerce and transport are deeply embedded in Aramex’s DNA. We are dedicated to transforming the face of trade, expanding our operations rapidly to better connect businesses and consumers worldwide.

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