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REQUIREMENTS : An appropriate 3-year tertiary qualification (National Diploma/B-Degree or
higher) in Commerce, Accounting, Economics, Financial Management, Data
Science, Statistics, Informatics or Information Systems; A minimum of 3 years
relevant supervisory experience in Information and Data (sets) management.
A valid (Code B or higher) driving licence. Note: People with disabilities that
restrict driving abilities but have reasonable access to transport may also apply.
Recommendation: Project Management. Competencies: Knowledge of the
following: Information and Knowledge Management; Provincial and
municipality budget and financial processes (financial acumen); Data
Governance; Data analysis and visualization. Skills needed: Advanced
Computer; Communication (written and verbal).


Provide a data and information management support function to internal and
external stakeholders with the view to budget preparation and support,
including ensuring that comprehensive, high quality and up to date information
is available; Design, develop, maintain (information) systems and monitor
budget and performance databases for departmental and municipal budgets to
facilitate the compilation of periodic and ad-hoc data sets, and aggregate
reports on the state of provincial finances; Design, Develop, Review, Compile
and coordinate management reports in response to business user needs.;
Assist with the implementation of Knowledge Management and Data
Governance; Administer the main budget allocations to votes/departments;
Build capacity among users to utilise Information Systems, databases, data
models and data repositories.

To apply for this job please visit www.dpsa.gov.za.