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REQUIREMENTS : Senior Certificate / Grade 12 qualification or equivalent plus Basic qualification
accredited with the SANC in terms of Government Notice R425 (i.e. Diploma /
Degree in General Nursing and Midwifery) or equivalent qualification that
allows registration with the SANC as Professional Nurse and Midwifery (2022)
plus a post-basic nursing qualification, with a duration of at least 1 year,
accredited with the SANC in terms of Government Notice R212 specialty,
(Diploma in PHC). Current registration with the SANC as a Professional Nurse.
Minimum of four (4) years appropriate /recognizable experience in nursing after
registration as a Professional Nurse with the SANC. Recommendations: Ability
to function independently and to prioritize work Leadership and sound
interpersonal skills. Problem solving and decision making skills. Good
supervisory and teaching skills.
DUTIES : Provision of optimal, holistic specialized nursing care with set standards and
within a professional/legal framework. Perform clinical nursing practice in
accordance with the scope of practice and nursing standards as determined by
the relevant health facility. Promote quality of nursing care as directed by the
professional scope of practice and standards. Demonstrate effective
communication with patients, supervisors and other clinicians, including report
writing when required. Work as part of the multi-disciplinary team to ensure
good nursing care. Participate in quality improvement programs. Work
effectively, co-operatively amicably with persons of diverse intellectual, cultural
racial or religious differences. Able to plan and organize own work and that of
support personnel to ensure proper nursing care. Display a concern for
patients, promoting and advocating proper treatment and care including
awareness and willingness to respond to patient needs, requirements and
expectations. Ensure adherence to Batho Pele Principles and Patient Right

To apply for this job please visit www.dpsa.gov.za.